Technopolis City of Athens

DL 2015 will be held at Technopolis City of Athens, the Municipal Societe Anonyme for the Protection and Enhancement of the Industrial – Archeological Park of Athens. Technopolis City of Athens has become a hub of cultural events, thus upgrading a historic area of the capital and creating another focal point in the cultural identity of Athens.

A wide variety of cultural events are held in Technopolis every year: music, dance, theatre and performing arts, plastic and applied arts, educational programs for children, entrepreneurship and temporary exhibitions, attracting over 700,000 people annually.

The workshop will take place at Amphitheatre R/S Athina 984 (The Gasholder 1)


You can access Technopolis by public transportation (bus or metro) or by getting a taxi.

By Metro:

Technopolis is next to the metro station "Kerameikos" (in greek: Κεραμεικός) which is on line 3 Aghia Marina - Athens International Airport. Line 3 is connected with line 2 at the "Syntagma" station (In greek: Σύνταγμα) and line 1 at the "Monastiraki" station (in greek: Μοναστηράκι). Also note that line 3 runs from the Airport, so Technopolis is directly accessible from there. You need a special ticket to go from the airport to the Athens center (8 euros). The normal metro ticket costs 1.20 euro. Students up to 25 years of age are entitled of reduced ticket prices which are usually half the price (also applicable to busses but not taxis).

On your way out of the metro choose the exit "Technopolis". Once you are out of the metro station you will find Persefonis street on your right. Turn left in Persefonis street and walk straight forward. After a 2 minute walk and just before reaching Pireos street you will have the Entrance A on your left hand

By Bus:

The bus station closest to Technopolis is called Fotaerio (in greek: Φωταέριο). There are many bus and troley services around the Athens area that stop at Fotaerio: Troley No 21, Buses Numbers 049, 815, 838, 914, Β18, or Γ18.

From the Athens Airport you can take express bus X95 SYNTAGMA - AEROL. ATHINON (cost: 5 euros), exit at the last station (Syntagma) and then switch to metro line 3, direction Aghia Marina (you will need an additional ticket for the second leg that costs 1.20 euro).

The bus and trolley bus stop "Fotaerio" is just in front of Entrance C. Access Entrance A on your left in order to enter the Technopolis venue.

By Taxi:

You can take a (yellow) taxi from the airport which before midnight costs around 35 euro while after midnight around 45 (beware of limo services). From the Athens city center taxi to the venue would be at reasonable prices (around 5-10 euro depending on traffic and distance).

Welcome Reception (Sunday, June 7th)

The welcome reception will take place on Sunday the 7th at 19:00 in the Technopolis area where the workshop is being held. The night of the 7th is the last day of the Athens Technopolis Jazz Festival which is one of the most famous jazz festivals in Athens.

With your registration you will be given a coupon which can redeemed for one beverage (a beer or a soft drik) and a vegetarian pizza or a hot dog.

Social Dinner (Monday, June 8th)

The social dinner will take place on Monday the 8th and will consist of a visit to the Lake of Vouliagmeni followed by a dinner there. Lake Vouliagmeni is located at the southern part of Attica (Vouliagmeni Lake Natural Spa Waters) next to the sea. The lake consists of a rare geophysical formation and is part-salt part-springwater maintaining a constant temperature of 24 degrees Celcius serving as a year-round natural spa.

At 18:00 two shuttle busses will depart from Technopolis to Vouliagmeni arriving at around 19:00. Before the dinner we will enjoy an aperitif at a comfortable private area and you will be able to swim in the lake so you can bring your swimsuit and a towel. There are showers available and changing rooms to prepare for the dinner. Swimming is allowed until 20.00.

At 23:00 the busses will depart from Vouliagmeni to Syntagma (city centre).